Jussara Zerbino

 Jussara has extensive training in Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance in the U.S., England, Brazil and Spain. She had studied with such dancers as Jose Meier (Alvin Ailey School), Jeanette Neil (Boston), Leni Dale (Brazil), Judith Field Polgar (England), and Montserrat Catarineu (Spain). Jussara worked with Penha de Souza, vice president of the Association of Dance Professioanls, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and also worked with Montserrat Borreda in Barcelona.

She owned a dance studio in Brazil for 9 years where she founded an amateur dance group. Before moving to Miami 12 years ago, she lived in New Hampshire where she worked with Barbara Mullen of the Royal Academy of Dance in New England, becoming provisionally registered with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Jussara has three wonderful children, Juliana, Mariana, and Roberto. The decision to open ABC Dance Studio stems from her love for the art and the desire to pass along what she has learned during her 30 years as a dancer/teacher.

The idea behind the Dance Studio is to keep it small and family oriented. ABC Dance Miami, Miami Dance Studio, Tap, Pointe, Hip hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Song and Dance, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Girls Competition Company.